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Restaurant Guide - Fancy

Known for its delicious Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, Elote Café is a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. Uptown Sedona


The restaurant serves Latin-inspired cuisine  grilled meats, and seafood. It's known for its upscale ambiance and excellent service.  Sedona. (rated top 100 romantic restaurant by open table)


The Hudson is your typical steak house.  The food is great and the service is awesome.   This is in Sedona @ Hillside. 


Best burger in Sedona.  This restaurant is located in Oak Creek and makes an amazing burger,  empenadas &  Argentinean steaks - you can't go wrong. 

Restaurant Guide 

Italian restaurant that is great and makes a mean pizza.  Sedona 

Hole in the wall Mexican Food - Best in town. (west side)

Open Range

Great Food -  Uptown Sedona 

Pizza Place in Oak Creek.   Pizza is great and a cool little vibe on the back patio.

Uptown - Live Music & Open Late.  Great views and food!

Good Food -  Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto - Veggie Options!

Indian Gardens is the BEST!.  At the bottom of the hill from our neighborhood this cafe makes an amazing breakfast and lunch.  The coffee is great and the back patio is awesome.  You can walk from the house to this Cafe.  Be sure to check if it is open!

Good Food -  On the main strip in uptown Sedona 

Casual Spot - Great food 

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