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Sedona Activities

Here are a couple of fun things to do in Sedona that our kids enjoy! 

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Our Family loves the gem stores as our kids are avid rock collectors.  There are so many cool little shops in uptown sedona. We tend to buy/bring rocks and go on hikes and drop them  along the way and our kids freak out when they see a cool rock that "mysteriously" showed up. 


Taking the kids and family or friends out on a side by side is the best way to experience Sedona. The open air and going a little off roading is something you won't forget.   Just be careful, know your limits, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. 


This is just down the raod from the house ~1 mile on the way back to uptown Sedona.  You get to catch as many fish and for a small fee they will cook it for you.  Our kids had a bunch of fun as a break from hiking. 


If you are not up to renting an ATV this is the next best thing.  A great way to get to see some amazing spots in Sedona and experience off raoding.  

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